Sanchay Goel

Magna Core is in the business of Value Addition and Revenue Generation for its customers by way of manufacturing diversification and Innovation. Every member of our organization comes to work with a deep passion and determination for excellence in order to create a positive impact for themselves and others affected by their actions.

Our deep rooted belief, inspired by my father and instilled into every Magna Core member, is to work towards creating a legacy. This is why our company’s aligned vision is one that focuses on long term engagement rather than short term profits.

Being a privately owned company we have the privilege to focus on our Customers and value system and with the luxury of being accountable only for the quality of our work.

It is our constant endeavor to excel and improve. Not to compete in a rat race, but to stand apart and be a symbol of success and tenacity. 

We strive to become a leading manufacturing solutions provider and a trusted business partner to our customers and suppliers alike.

If you are a Potential Customer, do give us the pleasure of understanding how we can be of assistance. If you are a Potential Supplier or Service Provider, we look forward to working with you to achieve great things. We firmly believe in inclusive growth and pride ourselves on not only our capabilities and growth but that of our business partners as well.