At Magna Core, we consider Quality Assurance to be the corner stone of our business.

Our plant layouts have been designed keeping in mind smooth material flow, straight line assembly and minimal material movement to ensure maximum efficiency and zero material mixing.
Everything in our company has a place and everything is kept in its place.

Strong Japanese Manufacturing influences over many years have enabled us to adopt tools such as Single Minute exchange of Dies (SMED), Just in Time (JIT), Heijunka (Levelling), Error Proofing (Poka Yoke), TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Kaizen (Constant Improvement) and Statistical Controls.

Our Quality Assurance stands upon two pillars –

Strong Infrastructure and the Right Culture.


Before the conception of a new product or process, we study its quality requirements and checking methods. The first thing we do is build an infrastructure and set of systems around these requirements to ensure that there is no oversight and we are prepared to make a quality product from Day 1.


The right culture for a sustainable business comes from adopting good practices, developing robust systems and good people. Our Human Resources Team works closely with our Quality Management Systems Department to ensure proper training, morale boosting, implementation and maintenance of our systems. We want every member of Magna Core to feel like family, driven towards a common goal with passion and determination.